Our brokerage professionals offer clients extensive market knowledge and decades of Commercial Brokerage experience.  We provide personalized brokerage services designed to help our clients work through the sales, leasing, investment, and asset management process and capitalize on opportunities.

Our long-term client relationships are proof that our process works and has proven our ability to deliver tangible results that ensure every transaction supports our clients’ real estate objectives.

  • Tenant Representation / Buyer  –  We work with local, regional and international businesses to locate the ideal location for their start-up, expansion, or relocation to Northern New England. We assist clients in evaluating the building requirements, including their zoning and access needs. We can help you find a location ideally suited to servicing your clients and attracting or retaining employees.

  • Landlord Representation / Seller  –  Marketing the properties to attract the highest quality tenants is critical to the long-term success of an investment. It can be hard to manage the day-to-day tasks that come with owning investment properties. That’s why we offer landlord representation, providing a stress-free experience for our commercial clients.

  • Leasing  –  It can be challenging to find the right commercial property to lease for your business. Let us match you with a property and represent you in discussions with the lessor. Our focus is always on protecting your interests and finding you a business location that will provide for long term success. With our critical analysis, you can decide on a suitable lease for the long-term success of your business.

  • Sales  –  Whether you’re putting a property on the market, negotiating with a buyer, or inking the terms of a contract, we provide seller’s representation that helps the transaction go more smoothly and might reduce future liabilities.

  • Acquisition  –  We help clients through the complexities of commercial real estate transactions. A property in the right location can be the wrong choice if there are zoning or building restrictions that were not taken into consideration.  Our experienced team has years of experience dealing with local municipal regulations and works with clients to analyze a property’s effective use to ensure it meets the needs of the project.

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